What to wear to a Portrait Photography shoot

October 05, 2015

Making the most of your portrait photography shoot:

A Portrait session can take a lot of careful planning. The clothing you choose is very important. 


  • Keep the clothing simple
  • If the photographer suggest full length poses ensure you co ordinate your clothing from head to toe
  • Baggy clothes can leave you larger than you are and darker clothing can slim
  • Turtlenecks or high necked tops flatter longer necks and slender faces
  • Layers and textures are really nice and create an interest in photos, textures such as tweed, crochet and embroidery such as lace, ribbons etc 

  • Subtle props for example a handful of flowers that are natural or a neutral colour. 
  • Accessories are a great way to introduce a punch of colour. Whether its a bow tie, a hat or even an item or jewellery


  • Subtle props for example a handful of flowers that are natural or a neutral colour.
  • Newborns generally look best in their natural environment usually in his or her nappy or you can use a special blanket or some props. Depending on the time of year some parents will just leave them in their clothing depending or what we want to achieve
  • Complexion, don't worry about blemished etc we offer a full retouch service
  • Pets are welcome as long as they are house trained. Treats are essential to reward them for sitting still for the shoot. Its usually a good idea to have someone to take them away once them are finished their shoot or to have a pet carrier to put them in while your been photographed without them

  • If you're not sure what you want in your photographers we are here to advise you and to help choose a background and give you ideas for lighting etc.