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Why I love Photography?

June 07, 2015


I believe photographs are amazing and I believe anybody can take amazing photos!

And the reason I believe this is because I love photography, and all it has to offer. So I just thought I’d write some of them down here…

I love taking photographs

-  the way it makes me feel when I get the shot that I saw…

-  the ability to take my photos further when I use post processing techniques

-  the artistic freedom that it gives me

- each Photo tells its own story

- to capture that moment in time

- capturing that moment of that persons life

- to capture that part of my life.

- to look back and remember, once that photo is taken its a piece of history

- the way cameras are now gadgets

- anybody can take photos

- the importance of photos throughout our lives

-  teaching others how to use their camera

- learning new things about photography

-  I view things in a different way and and beauty in everything

- it’s a journey that travels with you

- to share my photos

-  photography is an art form

- so many people share their photos

- the emotions it evokes in people when they look at photos

- that you can have a 100 photos of the same place and they can all be different…

Flowergirl and the Bluebells at Kilshane House Hotel, TipperaryFlowergirl and the Bluebells at Kilshane House Hotel, Tipperary